A Digital Collection Creator, Visualizer and Explorer

CortaColaEspia aims at extending with some extra relevant features the 'Ontology-based Collection Processor' developed previously in the context of a Compilers course. The basic processor, built last year based on the OntoDL tool, was able to read the ontological description of a small collection of objects (cards, pencils, toys, etc.) and produce automatically a web-based exhibition space to display the objects, providing a conceptual navigation through them. The extension under discussion is intended to create a new DSL to describe the details of the exhibition room organization (what concepts and relations to show; where and how to show them; etc.). A second objective consists of a new module to merge two collections, or to enrich a collection with extra information about the collected objects. The last requirement is the incorporation of a natural language processor to analyze the objects' captions or short inscriptions in order to extract information that can create knowledge about a specific domain, a society or an epoch.

Luís Fontão Martins - lmfmrt@gmail.com

Pedro Rangel Henriques - pedrorangelhenriques@gmail.com

Cristiana Araújo - decristianaaraujo@hotmail.com

Algoritmi-DI, University of Minho

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