Linked Components

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    Institution Documents

    Access to the documents related to the emigration movement dated from 1960s till 1970s.

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    Application to aid and to intermediate the upload of the institution documents data into a relational database.

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    Database Repository

    The Relational Database has been designed dedicated to the analysis of emigration documents. The logical model of the database implemented covers the data items in the sources — emigration documents of Fafe Archive necessary to obtain an emigration passport.

The three linked components have the goals of...

uploading, storing and preserving the emigration documents.

Some Screenshots [SGPE]

Database Schema

The schema designed covers the data items described in Section 2 of the paper (Emigration Documents). To better present the relational database developed, the diagram below shows the sixteen tables that compose the logical model.

Conceptual Model

In the next list will be detailed the conceptual model (group of items).

  •  Data about the emigrants documents:
    • - Registration number at City Hall, registration number at the Board of Emigration and year;
    • - Age and civil status of the emigrant at the document;
    • - Destination (country and location);
    • - Dispatching (date, craft and passport);
    • - Boarding data (type of the transport, company, date, location, designation of the transport, whether or not the pass is paid, landing port, and with who the applicant travels);
    • - Qualifications (literary qualifications, occupation and workplace);
    • - Economic conditions (remuneration, number of days that work, reason for the emigration and expenses of travel);
    • - Criminal record (whether or not is judged and if the applicant or his relatives have any case pending);
    • - Aid in the destination country (name of the people who will give the aids, kinship, residence, occupation and aid provided);
    • - Kinship of the emigrant with the caller;
    • - Employment contract (how the emigrant get the employment contract, occupation and salary);
    • - Women and minors employed (whether or not already worked to the contractor or to the family of him/her, duration of the work and occupation);
    • - Declaration of the woman (knowledge of woman about the target location of the husband and if the wife considers that her maintenance is assured by the husband in the country that she stays).
  •  Residence (Location) of the emigrant:
    • - County;
    • - District;
    • - Parish;
    • - Street;
  •  Data about the emigrant: emigrant’s identification, name, place and date of birth, filiation and spouse;
  •  Filiation of the emigrant: name of the parents of the emigrant;
  •  Data about the caller: name, residence, time that is in the abroad and passport;
  •  Data about the contractor: name, residence and if the caller knows the emigrant;
  •  Data about the intermediary: name, residence, occupation, parents’ name, kinship with the emigrant, passport and how much was paid to the intermediary;
  •  Description of the attached documents;
  •  Data about the accompanying: name, age, date of birth, kinship with the emigrant and qualifications;
  •  Data about the persons (family) who stays in the country: name, age of the dependent, kinship with the emigrant, if the person is in charge of the emigrant and residence;
  •  Description of other information (notes) about the emigration documents;
  •  Previous travel abroad: whether or not it is the first time that the applicant is traveling, date on which returned, passport number and date, and entity that issued the passport.

Primary and Foreign Keys

In next table is presented the primary and foreign keys of the database.

Table Primary Key Foreign Key
Acompanhante idAcomp
Anexo idAnexo
Chamante idChamante
Contratante idContratante
DeslAnterior idDeslAnterior numCM references Processo
Filiacao idFiliacao
IdentificacaoEmigrante idEmigrante idFiliacao references Filiacao;
idNaturalidade references Localidade
Intermediario idIntermediario
Localidade idLocalidade
Lugar idLugar idLocalidade references Localidade
Nota idNota numCM references Processo
PessoasFamFicamPais idPessoasFamFicamPais idResidencia references Localidade
Processo numCM idEmigrante references IdentificacaoEmigrante;
idChamante references Chamante;
idResidencia references Localidade;
idLugar references Lugar;
idIntermediario references Intermediario;
idContratante references Contratante
ProcessoAcomp idProcessoAcomp numCM references Processo;
idAcomp references Acompanhante
ProcessoAnexo idProcessoAnexo numCM references Processo;
idAnexo references Anexo
ProcessoPessoasFam idProcessoPessoasFam numCM references Processo;
idPessoasFamFicamPais references PessoasFamFicamPais

About Team

  • Ricardo Giuliani Martini
    PhD candidate 
  • Pedro Rangel Henriques
    PhD Supervisor 
  • Giovani Rubert Librelotto
    PhD Co-Supervisor 
  • Mónica Guimarães
    Fafe's Archive Archivist