VisualLISA is a visual programming environment for Attribute Grammar specifications.

semantic production

It was designed to work as a graphical front-end for LISA which is an AG-based compiler generator.

The main objective is to allow language developers to design their attribute grammars with less mental effort, and later to translate the drawings into a LISA specification or into an abstract, and generic (generator independent) XML-representation for AGs.

The programming environment offers, essentially four facilities:

  • The Editor, to draw the attribute grammar components (productions and semantic rules);
  • The Syntactic Validator, to ckeck, at drawing-time, the structural correctness of the specification (according to VisualLISA meta-grammar), allowing a syntax-directed edition;
  • The Semantic Validator, to check, on demand, the semantic correctness of the specification (according to VisualLISA meta-grammar). Some semantic tests are performed during edition, and an overall verification is automatically performed before code generation;
  • The Code Generator, to translate the drawings (the AG specification modules) into LISA meta-language or into XAGra notation.