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Melodic's Principles


Melodic aims to be a new Learnin Resource to help youg students to train Computational Thinking Concepts. This System tries to hel students in a fun and intuitive way to learn important concepts.


In the computer science field all topics are very based on a visual interface. Melodic is created to provide a system capable of translating programming concepts with a non visual interface, to help visual impared students using it.


With melodic students can learn the logic behind some programming concepts, and then use their imagination and creativity to apply those concepts and create their own sequences and melodies.

What is Melodic

App To Help Visual Impaired People Train Computational Thinking

In today’s world technology is everywhere we look. This fact leads many young people to choose programming courses. Programming students normally face a great difficulty due to the traditional way of thinking they are taught in conventional schools, while they should be trained in Computational Thinking that is the key to solve general or programming problems.

Melodic is a system to help young students to train Computational Thinking concepts focused on the visual impaired community. This system relies on a intuitive, fun and non-visual interface that motivates the students to learn.

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Melodic's Tactile Blocks

All Blocks
Special Blocks
Instrument Blocks
Speed Blocks
Top and Bottom of a Block
Musical Notes Blocks
Number Blocks


Melodic's Example Exercises

Simple Algorithm
Repetition Algorithm
Single Instrument Change Algorithm
Multiple Instrument Change Algorithm
Speed Change Algorithm
Iterative Algorithm (Loop)
Start Block Error
Loop Creation Error

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Instructions to test the app

  1. Download Expo Go app from App Store or Google Play ;
  2. Open the camera app on your device and scan the code below:
  3. App Qr-code
  4. All set, have fun!