XTDL - XML Tool Definition Language & XTS - XTDL Tool Set

One description in XTDL is independent of the target document we want to produce. In this description we give details about the authors, the versions that already exists and documentation available.

Beyond that, it is also allowed to, include a generic description and technical information (architecture, technologies used to develop the tool, ...). A conceptual map over the domain of tool, can also be added.

You can download the schema of the language here.

XTS (XTDL Tool Set), is a tool kit that we developed to process the XML descriptions above. It includes:

With this set of tools you will be able to generate from a single description different kind of documents enabling you to publish them wherever you want.

To submit your XTDL document and then have full access to our Tool Set XTS, you must register in our system.

Portuguse version of article XTDL - XML Tool Definition Language, published in XATA - XML, Aplicações e Tecnologias Associadas, 2007.