Program comprehension is the ability of fully understand a piece of computer code, written in a (high-level) programming language. As stated in the call-for-papers for IWPC'2004, Program Comprehension is on of the core software engineering activities, and is needed for reuse, inspection, maintenance, reverse engineering, reengineering, migration, and extension of existing software systems.

Financial Support

  • Project supported by FCT -- Departamento das Relações Europeias, Bilaterais e Multilaterais (previously GRICES).
  • Project No. XXX, supported during 2008-2009

Research Team

The research team is composed by the slovenian and portuguese elements. They are:


The articles published in the context of this project are:

  • Applying Program Comprehension Techniques to Karel Robot Programs., in WAPL'2009
  • Influence of domain-specific notation to program understanding, in WAPL'2009
  • Domain Specific Languages: A Theoretical Survey, in CoRTA'2009
  • Comparison of XAML and C# Frorms using Cognitive Dimensions Framework, PDF, in CoRTA'2009
  • Program Domain for Domain Specific Languages, PDF, PPT, in CoRTA'08


  • Graphviz questionnaires (GPL, DSL)
  • Travel reports 2008:
    • 2-9 September 2008, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal. TeX, PDF
    • 19-22 September 2008, Universidade de Maribor, Eslovénia. TeX, PDF
    • 8-12 June 2009, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal. TeX, PDF
    • 5-9 September 2009, Universidade de Maribor, Eslovénia. TeX, PDF


  • Application Form submitted to FCT (PDF)