XTDL - XML Tool Definition Language & XTS - XTDL Tool Set

When we develop a tool, we need to distribute it.

Usually, we create a website where we make the software. On this way, all people around the world interested in our tool will be able to download, not only the tool, but possible all documentation we provide and also samples, different versions, usefull links related with the tool and many other thinks.

But, all this documentation we want to disponibilize, implies that we document the tool: what is the tool; the main goal of being conceived; how it's use; how is installed.
However, only one way is not sufficient. Trough the site we created to disponibilize the tool; after that others things we will need.

In this context of development of tools, we have designed a XML dialect, XTDL (XML Tool Definition Language) to describe tools.

Learn more about XTDL.