Welcome to the WebAppViewer webpage

Welcome! This is the WebAppViewer website.

Program comprehension is an area often associated with the so caled “classis” applications, that have their own
carachteristics. However, we think that the Web Applications (WA), with their singular charactheristics, deserve a tool
that allows their comprehension at the same level as the “classic” ones.

From the engineering point of view, the WWW represents a new development platform, capable to support very complex aplications, that justifies this kind of analisis. WWW is still growing exponencially and with it, a new palifernalia of programming languages, paradigms and technologies, who makes WA to have very specific characteristics.

WebAppViewer is a comprehensive toolset for comprehending existing web applications, currently for PHP technology. The tool includes different views on the program, both static and dynamic. The tool builds on various existing components, hence it provides rich features combined in a very intuitive, comprehensive tool.

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