WebAppViewer's main features are:

* Program language agnostic: WebAppViewer is not bind with a specific program language. Since the Web is constantly evolving and new techonologies are popping every day, we thought that our application should be as generic as possible. The support for specific languages is implemented using a plugin system.

* Static information analyser: WebAppViewer retrieves, analyses and represents the static information about the WA. Examples includes file dependency interactive and animated graphs, analisers of the contents of each file (both program language source files and binary files as images), and a usefull knowledge base about each supported file type.

* Dynamic information analyser: The Web is dynamic, and a WA written in some program language is dynamic by himself.WebAppViewer has a powerfull mechanism that allows the extraction and visualization of the WA behaviour. The visualization allows the user to associate behaviour with code directly, contributing in great part to a better understading of the WA in study.

* Reusable knowledge repository: The knowledge generated during a session is stored on permanent storage in a way that allows external entities to use it. They can easly reuse this data to generate more knowledge or to complement other types of analysis.

* Powerful visualization system: Our application allows the visualization of each WA’s components (files). It can detect the type of each file and represent them in a interactive tree view. Moreover, the static and dynamic information can be visualized using modern techniques, including interactive graphs and dynamic block diagrams.