Alma2 is a system, derived from Alma, aimed at providing a new way of comprehending programs written in any Domain-Specific Language (DSL).

There are several issues concerning existing program comprehension tools. In general we can say that:

  • These tools only cope with general-purpose programming languages;
  • They only present visualizations of the program domain, and use mainly graph-like structures to do it;
  • They do not take advantage of the problem domain;
  • They do not connect the problem and the program domains;
In this context, Alma2 tries to supply a solution for all these issues.
Besides other characteristics, this system copes with DSLs, taking fully advantage of their well-known characteristics. This way it provides connections between both problem and program domains, and uses the great amount of knowledge in the specific domain to create animations and visualizations of the objects at the problem domain level, presenting it always synchronized with the visualizations at program domain level.

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